In life there are things you just don't do.  Like cuss in front of your grandparents.  Buying one new tire.  And never leave your cell phone on at the orchestra.

There's never been a more self-entitled person than a cell phone owner.  Yeah, I count myself in there.

I've been on both sides of the fence, both the offender and offended.  I try like the dickens to remember to silence my phone in certain situations.  One that comes to mind is the Doctor's office.  Maybe it is all the signs admonishing me to turn the blasted thing off before he gets there.

Things got ugly in New York on Tuesday evening.  That isn't news, it's always ugly in New York.  This time it is a little interesting.

The conductor of the New York Philharmonic became so incensed over the incessant ring of an iPhone's "marimba" tone during a performance he stopped the show.  He asked the man in the front row if he was done.  Then he started the piece over.


Ridiculous concession prices aside, this is reason number one I don't go to the movies anymore, I bring the movies to me.