The automobile seat warmer is a wonderful invention.  And like heating pads and laptops people can take things a little too far.

I had a dangerous brush with Toasted Skin Syndrome.  Accompanying a friend on an errand I decided to stay in his running car while he went in.  I cracked the window while I waited.  Suddenly my bum got hot.  Very hot.

I frantically begin looking for the seat warmer controls.  I could find them nowhere.  My lack of experience with seat warmers didn't help; the controls weren't anywhere near where I was accustomed.  Before things got too inflamed I found the controls on the door.   I had hit it when I opened the window.  If things got too hot, I'd have gotten up or turned off the car.  Some people, apparently...just sit there.

Doctors say you can develop a painful rash with prolonged exposure to warm temperatures.  We've seen people with this problem before, in heating pads and laptops.  In some cases the discoloration of the skin is permanent.  Heated seats average 105 degrees.

Pull over and give your bum some air!