Yesterday morning an APD officer was injured in the line of duty.

Cpl. Donna Hill was the first to respond on the scene of a disorderly conduct call.  The caller claimed a woman was throwing clothing and other items out of a house onto the street.

Cpl. Hill spoke with the woman at the 400 block of South Crockett and the woman became very agitated, cursing at the officer.

When Cpl. Hill attempted to arrest the woman on a disorderly conduct charge the woman ran into the house and got into an altercation with the officer.  A backup officer arrived and tased the suspect.

32 year old Brandi Nicole Reeves was arrested and booked into the Potter County Jail for aggravated assault on a Peace Officer and disorderly conduct.

Officer Hill hit her head during the fight and was transported to a hospital for a laceration on her forehead and later released.