See this bustling "fulfillment center"?  The one in Dallas isn't going to look this way for long.

I'm a big fan of Amazon.  I've been a customer for years for everything from books to drumsticks, drums to clothes.  And I sure do like not having to pay any pesky taxes.  And Texas has a big problem with that.

Last year the Texas State Comptroller told Amazon they owed you and me over $250 million dollars in state sales taxes.  Amazon's response?  They're going to close their Texas/Dallas based distribution center, which they call a "fulfillment center". Texas stands to lose a lot of jobs and a planned expansion of the Texas center has been cancelled.

For you it means finding a job in the Dallas area just got a little tougher.  And for me it means I'm going to have wait a day or two longer for my packages to arrive.

Stop using Amazon?

Don't be absurd!