It happens every year and today marks the day that the City of Amarillo is rounding up folks with outstanding warrants.  If you have an outstanding warrant in the Amarillo Municipal Courts, it doesn't matter what it is for, they are looking for you.

If you have an outstanding warrant you will receive notification by mail.  They will look similar to this:

TSM Amarillo


If you do recieve one of these warrant notices then you can stop by the Municipal Court to take care of your fines.  They are open

Monday - Friday, 8AM to 5PM.
Thursdays,  open until 7:00 PM

Starting March 3rd, APD officers will start enforcing the warrants and begin to locate people at their homes, work and other places.

The Amarillo Municipal Courts currently has 35,638 outstanding warrants.

So don't let a unpaid traffic citation or something else embarrass you.  Pay your fines today and avoid being arrested.