An alert Amarillo policeman on patrol yesterday recognized a suspect vehicle from a counterfeit report he had responded to a week earlier.

The officer also believed the vehicle to be stolen.  The vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation.

Inside the office found 39-year-old Justin Dale Crain, 31-year-old Ashley Eileen Salvia and 29-year-old Amberson Rene Amonson.  All three were arrested following the officer's investigation of the vehicle.

Crain was arrested for forgery.  Salvia was arrested for outstanding warrants. Amonson was searched after giving consent.  She was found to be in possession of a firearm and a controlled substance. Crain and Amonson were booked into Potter County. Salvia went to Randall County.

APD was also able to return the vehicle to its owner.  The stolen vehicle is still under investigation.