The drought last summer saw all of us in Amarillo making hard choices.  The city asked everyone to cut back on water and the city cut dramatically back on watering city property.  Amarillo National Bank has a problem with that.

We've all gotten used to certain mantras; clean all the food from your plate, honor your parents and a really big one, don't waste water.  They aren't hugging any trees at ANB even thought they are absolutely everywhere.

A recent newsletter released by ANB had the following passage:

“Amarillo’s economic development efforts will be damaged if we act like we are running out of water. We can differentiate ourselves from Lubbock and other Texas cities since we are in so much better shape.”

In other words, ANB fears we are telling businesses not to come here because when we restrict water usage we send the message that the High Plains is a barren wasteland devoid of moisture.  In fact it is estimated our city has a 200 year supply.

The Amarillo National Bank newsletter also called water bill hikes an unwanted added impact on the cost of living.

Go forth Amarillo!  Run your bathroom sink constantly while you brush your teeth!  Take a shower but let the water run for ten minutes before you get in!  And water that grass morning, noon, and night; we trying to attract business for goodness sakes!