A dispute at a jewelry store ends in the arrest of an Amarillo man.

On Monday evening around 7:30pm Amarillo Police were called to 6th and South Georgia on a possible robbery in progress.  On arrival they found a much stranger situation.

A male and female customer had a $10 dispute with Route 66 Jewelry Exchange at 506 South Georgia.  The customers told officers they were there because the store owner had called them and asked them to come in to clear up the previous transaction.

When the two customers left through the buzzer locked door they allowed a third person to enter the shop. The man was brandishing a baseball bat and began threatening the employees.  One of the men in the store sprayed the man with pepper spray to end the threat.

One of the customers and the baseball wielding man fled the store on foot.  They flagged down responding officers at 6th & South Georgia.

After interviewing all parties involved police took Tiodoro Botello, 35 into custody for assaulting the store employees with the bat.  He was taken to Potter County and booked on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.