Thanksgiving.  The time for turkey, dressing and a big package in the mail full of methamphetamine.  You got to love the holidays.

I read once you can send pretty much anything through the mail.  There have been incidents of people mailing their furnishings and in one case an entire home was mailed.  But some things you just shouldn't mail.  Like anything illegal.

On Monday Jaime Caraveo-Chacon was arrested after receiving a package from an undercover mail inspector.  The package arrived through Lubbock.  In Lubbock the package was screened by a Lubbock ISD drug dog and alerted on the package.  Inside authorities found meth.

Authorities coordinated together to deliver the package to its intended recipient.  Caraveo-Chacon accepted the package and then led authorities on a high speed car chase and a low speed foot pursuit before arresting him near I-40 & Ross.