Saturday on The New 940 it was all about buying, selling and trading.  There was also some finding.

It is the show that brings buyers and sellers together.  It is also the show where I bring you tidbits from my life and boy, I had a big one this time.


We ask all callers a big question before they give us their items.  Last week I had to know if you ever lost you wallet or pocketbook.  I had recently lost mine on a trip and was curious if the same sad episode had befallen any of you.

I lost my wallet on a bus while traveling to Lubbock.  One week later, last Tuesday to be exact, my wallet was delivered intact to my front door via UPS.  The Greyhound maintenance department had found it and shipped it to me.

Have you ever lost anything and had it returned?

Yes 24

No 9


We have specific rules of conduct for the program and each week I bring you a special rule that is inspired by something that happened to me the previous week.  When I lost my wallet and there seemed to be no hope I started praying, pretty fervently.  I also tried to put a deposit in the karma bank by saving stray dog and finding the owner to get it home.  Obviously efforts not in vain.

Rule #6 Prayer works, karma doesn't hurt.

Next Saturday we will be preempted for Oklahoma State Cowboys Football.  We'll see you in two weeks!