Today was an exciting morning for the students of Palo Duro High school.  They inducted Washington Redskin, Ziggy Hood, into the PD Hall of Fame.

I think it is always awesome when a fellow Amarillian goes on to not only be successful, but always remember where they are from.  Over the years Evander "Ziggy" Hood has had amazing success in the NFL.  But what sets him apart is that he always remembers the town he came from: Amarillo.

He often comes back and hosts youth football camps and always makes time for his fans.  Today Ziggy came back for a pretty cool reason.  His alma mater, Palo Duro High School, inducted him into the 2016 PD Hall of Fame.

He showed up for the ceremony and spoke to the students.  After the ceremony, a special pep rally was to be held where he was expected to present the school with a 50th anniversary Super Bowl football.

Hood made a name for himself on PD's football field before graduating in 2005.  He continued his football career at the University of Missouri and was drafted to the Pittsburgh Steelers in  2009 and currently plays for the Washington Redskins.

Congratulations Ziggy!