Congratulations for either surviving or completely forgetting the spring forward time change this weekend.  Now that you've got the time, have you taken some to square away those other pesky things you should do twice a year?

There are several items on the list of things you need to do along with missing out on an hour of your weekend.

The most important would be checking your smoke detector batteries.  Takes just a minute and it could literally save your life.

A constant discussion at my place is whether we have the ceiling fans rotating in the correct direction.  Second to that is when to rotation should be changed.  Now is a great time.  It should be spinning counter-clockwise for the warmer months, btw.

This is also an opportune time to clean out that medicine cabinet for any prescription or over-the-counter medications that have expired.  Be sure to flush or destroy these and not simply toss them in the dumpster.  A youthful diver might come across them.

Since you have or are about to fire up the air conditioner be sure to check the filter for it and check the filters on anything that has one, like your vacuum cleaner, etc.

And when was the last time you flipped that mattress?

For more see this source article.