West Texas A&M is hurting for student living space but contrary to rumors, no student is sleeping on the floor...unless they wan to.

The fall semester is well underway and students at West Texas A&M have hit the books.  After a long day of a 12 credit hour schedule resident students look forward to rest in their dorm room.  What if there are no rooms to be had?

There are 2,259 resident students depending on the school for housing.  Unfortunately A&M is short by 150 beds.  Those beds are inside the part of Jarrett Hall that is currently being renovated.

No one is without bed or shelter.  The university made plans for the shortfall by setting up a few lounges as temporary space.  One of the lounges has room for eight people.  Inside there are eight beds with eight chest of drawers, and eight clothes racks.  No one has needed the lounges up to this point.

The situation is expected to be relieved soon by the regular and expected drop in the student body.  It seems as some students wash out, others gain a place to live.  At least until December.