There is a movement initiated by students at West Texas A&M to build a new football stadium for the Buffs.

Kimbrough Memorial Stadium is shared between WT and Canyon and Randall High Schools.  The stadium does is not owned by WTAMU, is not ADA compliant, and is in desperate need of other renovations.

WT's student government spent some time listing and discussing ways to increase student pride.  One popular idea, at least among students is an on campus, university owned football stadium for the Buffs.

The Student Senate came up with a plan to fund the stadium by increasing tuition by $10 per credit hour.  The senate voted in October 34-3 to submit a proposal for the new stadium that includes the tuition increase.

With the cost to renovate Kimbrough greater than the cost of building a new facility most involved with the proposal advocate the new facility.  The new stadium would seat between 11,000 and 14,000.  The student proposal also allows for the student body to decide the name of the stadium.

There's a bit of a drawback to the plan as it is currently.  The student plan would have the stadium when Buffalo Sports Park currently sits.  The complex is only five years old and cost $25 million to build.  The plan would have Buffalo Sports Park rebuilt behind the new stadium.

The school wants to make it very clear that students, not alumni or administration, were the originators of the plan.