WT is renovating the Commerce Building downtown and work is taking a bit longer than first projected.

Originally planned to open the fall of 2017 work is ongoing.  It seems that date was somewhat optimistic.  Asbestos abatement and debris removal have slowed the process.

One major contributor to funding for the renovations is a $7.2 million Tuition Revenue Bond from the state.  West Texas A&M is scheduled to receive the money next month.

Phase one of the project is completed and Phase two got underway over the summer.  The university is looking forward to the opening of the facility which will provide several opportunities for students they don't currently enjoy.

WT is continuing fund raising efforts on the new building.  It is hoped any shortfalls in the $15 million project will be covered by those efforts.

There is a small chance some portions of the Commerce building will be ready for students to occupy before Spring 2018.