Winter storm Goliath, which came through the Texas Panhandle and eastern New Mexico last week, has badly affected the dairy industry.

According to the Association of Texas Dairymen, the severe winter weather not only caused immediate problems for dairies in this area, but will have adverse affects on future milk supplies.

Some of the state's top-producing dairies and about 36% of the state's dairy cows are in the Texas Panhandle. The storm killed about 5% of the mature dairy cows and an unknown amount of calves and heifers.

This means the milk supply for the year has been severely damaged. Not only will the immediate deaths result in financial losses now, but also take a hit on the industry later.

The cows that did survive the storm weren't milked for several days. When that happens, a cow's milk supply may dry up, causing an even steeper loss for the dairy.

The Texas Department of Agriculture and state government will decide if this situation calls for financial assistance.