It appears as if people looking to relocate for work have Georgia on their mind.

A new survey reveals that companies in Atlanta have less trouble recruiting new talent than any other city in America.

The study, which was conducted by employee placement firm Heidrick and Struggles International, shows that a strong business infrastructure, overall affordability and quality of life are the reasons why 70 percent of job placement recruits find it simpler to enlist potential new hires in Atlanta than other larger cities.

However, despite the brutal winters, job recruiters also say that it is quite simple to get people to relocate to Chicago due to its moderate cost of living and cultural diversity. Denver appeals to those with an outdoor lifestyle and Dallas lures them in with affordable southern living and opportunities to work with Fortune 500 companies.

Other cities that are relatively easy to recruit in are New York City and San Francisco, but the high cost of living in those places often becomes problematic.

Yet, the study suggests that most people aren’t interested in going to work in economically-challenged cities like Detroit or in smaller southern towns in states like Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. These places have the most trouble reeling in new recruits.

The real news is that people simply are not relocating for work like they were a decade ago for reasons that likely include an unstable job market and a housing market that is shaky at best.

Recruiting experts say that it is important for companies to know just how attractive their location is perceived in the market because desirability of location directly affects the amount of time, cost and effort needed to hire exceptional people.

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