Antonio Levario, 34 was driving in his car near 34th and Paramount in the company of a couple of women. at around 2am.

With no apparent motive a motorcyclist riding on a ninja style bike began terrorizing  and accosting those in the car.  As the cat and mouse game continued down 34th street the man on the bike began taking shots at the car.  One the shots struck the driver of the car, Antonio Levario 34, in the chest.

Levario continued traveling west on Western in an effort evade the armed and dangerous cyclist.  Levario attempted to make a turn to the north but at too high rate of speed where he lost control, possibly clipped a curb and then took down a light pole. The motorcyclist witnessed the wreck and the quickly left the area fleeing North on South Western.

And for Levario the day didn't get any better.  Police discovered approximately 31 grams of methamphetamine in his wreck car.

No charges have been filed and the motorcyclist is still at large.