You  never really know what's underneath the water until you look.

Yesterday morning city workers were draining Martin Road Lake for a maintenance project.  As the water lowered, two vehicles slowly emerged from the depths.  Workers stopped work and called police.

The Amarillo Police Department's Dive Team was called in to inspect the vehicles and to attache cables from tow trucks to bring the discarded vehicles to shore.

Nothing other than mud, water, and fish were found in the vehicles, including no bodies.

One of the vehicles, a car, was a Pontiac Grand Prix with Nebraska license plates .  The second was a van with Arizona plates.

The authorities believe the vehicles were in the lake for a lengthy time as judged by the build up of mud and overall appearance of both.  Investigators at this point don't know how or either vehicle ended up in the lake.

Both vehicles are no drying out at the city impound lot.  The authorities are attempting to contact the owners using the license plate numbers and VIN numbers provided they are still readable.