Father's Day is this Sunday and if you haven't thought about what your are getting Dad, then it is time to start.  Here's a list of a few things not to get Dad for Father's Day.


Gym Membership

Dad doesn't need to be reminded he's out of shape.  He knows.  Don't make him feel bad about buying him a gym membership.  If he wants one then yes, feel free.  Otherwise, don't.


Cologne is one of those things that people are picky about, I'm sure dad has his favorite.  Don't just grab a gift box of cologne off the "Father's Day Gift" shelf at Walmart.  Don't do it.  Even if you know what cologne Dad likes, still don't buy it.  Get more creative than cologne.  Your Dad is more important than that.

Kitschy Items

Let's face it, there are a ton of cheesy and dorky items you can buy for Dad.  Just don't.  Dad doesn't need a fake golf club flask, or a shirt that says "World's Best Dad" or an apron that says, "King of the Grill".  Dad has enough junk, just say no!

Power Tools

Yes, stores will try to suck you in and say Dad wants power tools.  Dad does want power tools, but he wants the power tools he wants.  Yes, that drill that is $19.99 looks great and wonderful, but odds are Dad has a drill or has another drill in mind.   If he really wants tools, then get him a gift card and let him pick out his tools.

Clothes including Ties

Don't even get me started on ties.  If your dad wears ties, then he has plenty.  Don't get him a tie.  Don't get him clothes.  Dad knows his style, his size, his tastes.  It's best to avoid clothes all together when it comes to gifts.  Just don't do it.

You know what Dad would like?  How about a Husqvarna Lawn Tractor?  We have your chance to win.