It's been a great year here at the Voice of Amarillo and we would love to share with you the top 10 Posts of this past year! These range from news to entertainment and we hope you enjoy it. You can look forward to another year of great post and breaking news from Voice Of Amarillo News Talk 940.

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    Amarillo Sox To Get A New Mascot

    This was an interesting post about the Amarillo Sox mascot. At the season opener people began to complain about the anatomy of this particular mascot. Needless to say, the mascot was changed to something that was a little less risque!

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    This Day In History President John F. Kennedy Was Assassinated

    This is a post written about the anniversary of that fateful day in Dallas when the President Of The United States was assassinated. It also touches on the conspiracy surrounding this tragedy as well as the blockbuster hit movie JFK.

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    OSU Basketball Coaches Kurt Budke and Miranda Serna Killed In Plane Crash

    In this post we take a look at the tragedy that involved this University. While on their way to scout some future players, the plane that these two coaches was on crashed. It killed all on board including the pilots. The OSU campus mourned the loss of two great coaches in this plane crash.

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    Verizon Outage In West Texas Due To Down Lines

    On this day, the entire Texas Panhandle was without Verizon Cell Phone service due to down power lines. I got the scoop on this story in the most direct way. I picked up my phone to call my wife, and nothing. I called her phone from the office, and nothing. Finally after waiting on hold for what seemed like forever, I found out that there had been an outage from Amarillo To Lubbock.

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    Want To Be Forever Lazy? It's The Forever Lazy Jumpsuit!

    Say goodbye Snuggie, it's the Forever Lazy Jumpsuit. This was a humorous video James found online and he could not stop himself. He had to post it. While I bet it is very comfortable, I just can see myself running around in the Forever Lazy Jumpsuit. And, am I the only one that thinks these just look like adult footie pajamas?

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    SOPA Piracy Bill Will Lead To Internet Censorship

    The SOPA Piracy Bill is a bill that is suppose to protect people, yet it opens a huge window for internet censorship. Many people are pushing for this as people pirate movies, music and many other internet services and products. The opposition wants them to find a way to protect these people, without censoring the masses that use the internet.

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    Rick Perry Very Likely To Run For President

    Rick Perry was teetering on the idea of running for President at the time. He kept hinting that he would and was actually swaying poll numbers with just the thought of running. Shortly after this he jumped into the race for the White House and has remained a fairly steady 3rd/4th in the race for the primary.

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    Parents Of Adolf Hitler & JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell Lose Custody Of Youngest Child

    This was a revisit to a previous story about a bakery that would not bake a cake saying the words "Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler", which when it hit the news took off like wildfire. Shortly after the incident the couples children were taken away citing abuse, while one was in the hospital and still "legally" in the custody of the couple. Just before his release from the hospital, custody was take away.

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    Worst Taxidermy Photos Ever

    In this post you will find everything that a drunk taxidermist could dream of. These photos are not only hilarious, but completely disturbing. If you are a hunter or just enjoy a good laugh, take a look at some of the most disturbing taxidermy jobs in the history of the trade.

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    14 Year Old Special Needs Student Cheyenne Is Bullied By Teacher

    This story broke my heart. This poor little girl, who happens to be a special needs student, had been complaining to her parents about how her teachers had been being mean and bullying her. After a few complaints, the parents decided to 'Wire' their daughter so they could find out just exactly what was going on. What they found out was terrible.