Forget about smuggling drugs over the border.  Ignore the temptation to embezzle funds from your employer.  The latest and easiest way to get rich on the sly?  Fencing stolen Tide laundry detergent.

Is sounds at first rather absurd.  But anyone who has purchased laundry detergent knows it is no joke.  Stealing the high-end and high-priced Tide branded laundry detergent is an easy sell on the street.

Retail price for Tide can be over $20 depending on the size and type.  Since laundry detergent isn't secured in any special fashion it has become an easy target in some cities.  So much so that several have designated special task forces and stores are locking down the laundry...detergent.

It has even been reported that one police informant, attempting to buy drugs was instead offered black market Tide at 50% and more off retail.  Amazing.

And suddenly copper thieves with internet connections have found a new career...

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