Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The Super Bowl wasn't the only big event last weekend.  Another Saturday of buying, trading and selling was a pretty good pregame show.

The Erwin Pawn Tradio show was pretty Super Bowl centric Saturday.  Our Big Question was one of whether callers would or wouldn't be watching.  29-12 was the final total, those taking in the game greater than those missing it.

Last week we predicted a score of 24-18, Patriots based on The Big Question and we were off, obviously.

I'm still a bit taken aback by the halftime freak show.  And I take full credit for MIA flipping the bird because I flipped her off first.

Rule #6 had to do with gambling.  I don't have many moral qualms with gambling but I've never been wont to do it.  I think gamblers see themselves as winners and those that don't self perceive as losers(at least in regards to gambling) and don't wast their money.  The Super Bowl tends to bring out lots of rookie gamblers and they and their money are soon parted.

Rule #6 A Sunday bet makes Monday regret.

I had the Patriots winning.  The over/under was 54 and I would have taken the over.  I would have been regretting the betting had I done any.

See you next Saturday for another Erwin Pawn Tradio Show!