We debuted the new Trade-A-Thon lineup Saturday and had one of the best shows we've had in weeks, due in large part to massive caller participation.

It's the show that invites you to call in and list unwanted items you would rather sell than donate or throw away.  You can sell pretty much anything except guns, ammunition, alcohol, synthetic drugs(or any drugs for that matter), and humans.  Indeed, you cannot sell your unruly children on the show, perhaps family therapy could help resolve those issues?

Our new typist/meteorologist/rule giver/sidekick is a person many of you know and have been fans of for sometime.  He's been out of radio for nearly 3 years. If I'd have thought he'd had any interest I would have gotten him involved on the show many moons ago,

We're talking about Ryan McWilley, formerly host of "McMornings with McWilley" on the now defunct Kat Country 102. He's also been heard on several other stations in Amarillo. Not only is he talented with a finely honed sense of humor, he can read the weather with authority, he types pretty darn good(which makes my job hosting untold times easier), he is also one of the few that can roll with my non-sequitur mind.  I make a lot of obscure references during the show and McWilley is the perfect comedic foil. He has a quick enough mind to decipher my craziness and contribute in a meaningful fashion. I'm pretty excited to have his talents on what is now an improved show.

And we didn't do away with Porky.  He's now the show producer and call screener.  He has also replaced the popular feature "What's on Diane's Mind" with an equally crazy and sometimes totally insane look at local events called "Porky's Perspective".  It's truly never been more entertaining to just sit back and listen to the Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon.  However, we can't emphasize enough how much your phone call and your participation is the fuel that drives the Trade-A-Thon engine.


We ask all our callers a poll question before they give their items.  Sometimes it helps us know you better, other times it's a question meant to make you smile.  Ultimately the question helps tie our callers together with a theme.  This week we chose to pick on the low hanging fruit of current jokes; potholes.  It's hard to offend anyone other than Mayor Pothole with pothole jokes.

You don't have to drive very far in Amarillo before you're faced with the decision to avoid the cavern you are about to hit or chance sideswiping someone driving next to you.  According to the city, the are working as fast as they can.  Which doesn't endear much confidence; I'd rather they fill them properly than quickly.  With all these pock marks on the city streets we were curious if you'd hit one already last Saturday morning.

Have you hit a pothole today?

Yes 16

No 18

You can bet those 18 that said "no" hit at least one before the day was done.  Hey, at least 34th street is open.


Along with the regular rules that dictate how the show works and it's do's and don'ts, I always bring you a special rule 6 that changes every week.  Usually it is inspired by something that happened to me over the previous week, it could come from a story in the news and sometimes it's just a weird thought I had that I remembered to jot down.

This week the rule wasn't based on something that happened to me, it happened to new co-host McWilley.  McWilley is something of an athletic hobbyist.  He enjoys several outdoor exercising activities including bike riding.

Whether it be cars, motorcycles or bicycles it's only a matter of time before you have some kind of an accident.  It comes with the territory.  Early last week McWilley's number came up for a bicycle accident and it was pretty significant.

Along with a nasty leg hematoma and a collection of variously located multicolored bruises, his bike helmet was destroyed in the spill.  He posted pictures of the helmet on his Facebook page and without a shadow of a doubt, if he hadn't been wearing that helmet he'd have suffered some fairly severe head trauma.

When being athletically active, don't skimp on the safety.  Wear the proper gear for whatever the activity and don't be afraid of looking silly, be confident by wearing proper protection that you'll have many days in the future to enjoy your athletic activity. Seemed like the makings of a good rule to me.

Rule #6 When biking, skating or skateboarding always wear the proper protective gear, including a helmet.

Make plans to join us next Saturday for another Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon.  Bring something to buy, bring some money to spend or just tune in and enjoy the shenanigans.  We guarantee there's no better way to kickoff the weekend.

And it's not said enough; Thank you for your support and participation on the show.  We couldn't do it without you.