It's the show that turns the airwaves over to you and allows you to buy, sell, and trade.  We do it every Saturday and as always you are invited.


We ask all our callers a poll question before they give their items.  Its a effort to better get to know you and provides a theme of discussion throughout the show.  There's been a lot in the news lately about downtown redevelopment and whether it should or shouldn't proceed.  We decided to present the question to you and see what you thought.

Would you prefer the new Multi Use Event Venue or a New Civic Center?

Multi Use Event Center 2

New Civic Center 21

That's a pretty significant difference in votes and while out poll is clearly unscientific it does give one pause toward where the city is headed with this project.


Along with the regular rules of the program I always bring you a special rule #6 that changes every week.

I have this little sleeping quirk.  If I can see the alarm clock ticking off the time I have a dreadful time trying to go to sleep.  As such I turn the clock around to where I can't see it.

I could have sworn my alarm went off and I jumped out of bed.  I felt unusually tired but didn't think much of it but hit the shower and shaved and finished getting ready to leave for the show.  That's when I realized it was 2:40am.  What a maroon.

Rule #6 Look at your alarm clock before you get out of bed.

See you next Saturday for another buying and selling extravaganza.