Another Saturday of buying, selling, and trading is in the books.

We call it The Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon and it's the show that invites you to utilize the air waves of KIXZ to advertise your unwanted belongings for sale.  We do it every Saturday and you're invited!


We ask all out callers a poll question before they list their items.  This week, being the first week after July 4th we were thinking about vacations and specifically if our callers had one yet.  Summer is unofficially half over and fall is coming.

Have you taken a vacation this year?

Yes 13

No 20

A little over half of our callers had yet to cash in their vacation days.  We had four callers tell us they were on "permanent vacation" and we had other callers tell us they vacationed in Dallas, Las Vegas, Red River, Hawaii, Jamaica and France!  We enjoyed hearing about everyone's vacation.

I'm not a big vacation traveler.  I've spent real money on making the Fortress of Solitude apartment the perfect place for me to relax and be entertained.  I don't see the wisdom in driving or flying somewhere only to be exhausted and need a vacation from my vacation.  I'll burn those days at the Fortress, in front of the ac, sipping on ice cold Coca-Cola.


Along with the regular rules of the program, which we present at the beginning of each hour, I always bring you a special Rule #6 that changes every week.  Sometimes its inspired by something that has happened to me over the previous week, other times it's a bit of advice I've given daughter Katilyn G. that I adjusted for the program.  This week's rule was inspired by tennis, specifically Wimbledon.

I used to be a big tennis fan.  During the early years of the century I would take a week off to watch the last week of The French Open and Wimbledon.  When Andre Agassi was playing and the Williams sisters were young this was time well spent.  After the disappointment of Andy Roddick and the dearth of any talented American men competing, I have slowly over the years drifted away from tennis.  Never did like Roger Federer and he was winning everything.  I put up with Pete Sampras, I had no compunction to do so with Federer.

One big pet peeve of mine is when talking to someone about tennis oftentimes they would say something like, "I love tennis and watch Wimbleton often."  Really?  You're a big fan of Wimbleton?  I always fight the urge to correct them.  I took the opportunity Saturday to make sure everyone knew how to say it.

Rule #6 It's not WIMBLETON it's WIMBLEDON.  Not "ton" but "don".

I'm sure I'll be worked up about something else this Saturday.  It's The Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon, don't miss it.  Tune in Saturday from 9am to Noon.