Another eclectic edition of the Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon took flight once again last Saturday.

It's the show that invites you to call in and attempt to sell pretty much anything within the bounds of good taste and of course guns and ammunition which are prohibited because that is what sponsor Erwin Pawn is for.

We always have a wide and varied group of items.  If you miss the show, remember we post the caller list following each show right here at  We average having it posted by 12:10pm.  If you have trouble finding it you can always use the search tool and search for "call list".


Before our callers give their items we always ask a poll question.  The question helps provide a running theme during the show and it also allows our callers to contribute more than just their items for sale.

Sometimes the question is topical, sometimes silly and oftentimes inspired by nothing at all.  This week was a little out of left field.  The thinking went something like this; if Amarillo is going to build a Multi-Purpose Entertainment Venue we should be expecting a lot of musical acts to be stopping in Amarillo.  Because as we all know, if you build it, they will come.

In light of the avalanche of musical acts expected to begin stopping by sometime in 2017 we wanted to know what your favorite genre of music was.  Although I prefer this or that, or yes or no questions, sometimes I open it up for a potential wide variety of answers and that's what we got.  It was a narrow vote at the top.

What is your primary musical taste?

Rock 'n Roll 8

Country 7

Gospel/Christian/Religious 5

Hip-Hop, Blues, Opera, and Classical all received one vote.

Personally I'm a Rock 'N Roller but that means these days I'm listening to a lot of Country music because it tends to rock harder than the rock I grew up listening to.


Along with the special and specific rules of the program that we discuss at the beginning of each hour, I always bring you a special Rule #6 that changes each week.  It's usually inspired by something that happened to me over the last week.  I also keep a list of rules up my sleeve in the event I'm having trouble being inspired.

This was a tough week for me personally.  I had a couple of people who I consider practically family screw me over pretty good last week.  I haven't handled it well.  I've plastered it on Facebook, haven't missed an opportunity to tell anyone about it, and have been doing a pretty poor job of dealing with it.  About the only thing I've done correctly in this regard is refrain from calling these people out personally.  Even through my anger I have no desire to embarrass at least one of the involved parties and trust me, it would be a tremendous embarrassment.

Along came Saturday morning and I couldn't find a rule.  So I reached up my sleeve and pulled one out of the dustbin.  And amazingly enough it fit right in with what I was feeling about getting screwed over by people who have less regard for me than I thought.

Rule #6: Make sure only the supplied screws are used, using any other screws may result in permanent damage.

That pretty much sums up my feelings on the great friend purge of 2015.

I sure would appreciate you joining us on the next Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon.  It truly is my favorite time of the week and I know it will bring a little joy to your weekend.  Thanks to all of you who have called and listened.  Without you and Erwin Pawn there would be no Trade-A-Thon.

See you next Saturday!