The show that unabashedly turns the station over to you had another fun outing of bringing buyers and sellers together last Saturday.

It's the show that allows you to buy, sell and trade.  We present is each Saturday morning on News Talk 940.  It's a free service provided by our friends at Erwin Pawn.  This Saturday if you got something you need to turn in to cash, you are invited to put those items up for sell from 9am-Noon.


We ask all our callers a poll question before they give their items.  Currently the Texas panhandle has been getting out fair share of rain.  And we definitely need it.  Even with all the rain we;ve gotten the drought is still not over.  We were curious if you've had enough rain for this year.

Had enough rain yet?

No 24

Yes 2

Our two votes for too much rain wan' more but would like to dry out first.  I say bring it on!


Along with the specific rules of conduct on the show I always bring you a special rule #6 that changes everyday.  It is usually inspired  by something that has happened to me over the previous week.

Porky is being reassigned and as such will no longer be able to be my typist/sidekick on the show.  We've been looking far and wide for his replacement but the search is turning out to be a little more difficult that anticipated.  If you would like to be considered as the new typist on the show drop me an email,

Rule #6: Don't take the people you need for granted.

See you next Saturday for another Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon!