The show that brings buyers and sellers together had a few things to say about the police.

It's the show that invites you to call in and attempt to sell the stuff you have that still has value but is no longer welcome in your home.  We do it every Saturday from 9-Noon.


We ask all our callers a poll question before they give their items.  It helps us get to know you and provides a running stream of discussion throughout the show.

Being summer and with many people traveling we were curious which vacation destination you would prefer to travel.

Would you rather vacation at a water park or an amusement park?

Amusement 18

Water 11

Although we are fortunate to have Wonderland Park here in Amarillo we didn't count those votes because we were focusing on out of town attractions.  We'd like to pass along our regards to Paul and the entire team at Wonderland, we are lucky to have it!


At the beginning of each hour I bring you the specficic rules of the program so that everyone is in the same page and knows how works.  I also bring you a special rule #6 and it is usually inspired by something that happened over the last week.

As much as I wanted to present a funny rule I couldn't shake the events in Dallas from my mind and I was reminded of a thought I've often had but rarely expressed.  The incident in Dallas provided the motivation to put it out there.  It may not make an difference but it certainly won't if it isn't expressed.

Rule #6 Provide the military grade tools law enforcement needs to combat criminals using military grade weapons.

From all of us at Trade-A-Thon and News Talk 940 to all law enforcement agencies in our area, please accept our sincere and heartfelt thanks for all you do, for putting your lives at risk, and for being the most respectful law enforcers towards the general public that I've ever experienced.

I'd like to ask all Trade-A-Thon listeners to join me in daily prayer to cover the lives of all those who risk theirs protecting you.