The show that laughs in the face of whatever fiendish ghoul you can imagine was back at it on Saturday.

Saturday mornings beginning at 9am we launch three hours of want ads on the radio called in by our vast listening audience.  We bring buys and sellers together while proving there are still plenty of people left that know what the "am" button on their radio means.


We ask all our callers a poll question before they give their listing.  While it does help us to get to know the caller better, the question also provides for a running theme for the show.  Gives folks something to listen to besides nick-knacks, paddy-wacks, and used dog bones.

With Halloween on Monday we decided to ask a theme appropriate for the holiday.  Halloween is pretty close to a "love it or hate it" holiday.

Those of us a certain age can remember a time when Halloween was primarily about the kids.  Over the last decade it has swing decidedly to the adults favor and many people celebrate.  It got us to reminiscing about all the great consumes from our childhood.  It also made us ponder how long it has been since our callers put on a costume and canvassed the neighborhood for candy.

When did you last wear a costume for Halloween and what was it?

Usually I include the tabulation of the big question but as it was open ended there's no totals to reveal.  To be honest, the question was quite the dud.  The vast majority of our callers answered they didn't know or couldn't remember.  It kind of felt like folks were embarrassed about the Halloween childhood.


Along with the regular rules of the program which we recite at the beginning of each hour, I also bring you a special rule #6.  Sometimes an aphorism of sorts it often devolves into poor man's observational humor.  This week it was a genuine suggestion.

Last week my cell phone broke and as it was over four years old, not economical to fix..  Regardless, I needed a new phone and pronto.  I went to my carrier and got fixed up.  I also purchased several accessories from the carrier.

Later that evening I was browsing accessories for my new phone online and I discovered that the two accessories I purchased at my carrier could be had $15-$30 cheaper depending where you bought it.  Had I not been in such a hurry to resolve my phone issues perhaps I would have made time to comparison shop.

RULE #6 Buy accessories for your cell phone from a third party and not your carrier.

Trust me now, thank me later.

I hope to hear from you this Saturday on The Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon!