It's a show that frequently flies unabashedly off the tracks but always makes time for you and your needs.

We had an especially fun Trade-A-Thon this weekend.  McWilley sounding more and more comfortable at the stenographer/meteorologist/side-kick job rather well.

In case you didn't know, The Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon is the show that brings buyers and sellers together. You are invited to call in and sell that stuff, you are invited to listen and buy that stuff.   We've all got stuff sitting around the house too valuable to throw away but no longer serves us a useful purpose.  Don't toss it, sell it on Trade-A-Thon!


We ask all our callers a poll question before they give their items.  Oftentimes a simple food question, sometimes a complex this or that, this week's question was inspired by some disgusting news released by the CDC last week.

Are you a swimmer? Suffer from red irritated eyes from too much chlorine?  I hate to do this to you but the CDC has determined the chlorine in the water is not causing eye irritation.  The irritation is being caused by the urine someone released on the sly while they were still in the pool.  That old wives tale that the water will turn a different color if you release in the pool is just that, a myth.  The only way you can tell is if you're standing next to someone and the water suddenly gets warmer.  Or, if you get out of the pool and your eyes are bloodshot, chances are you've been swimming in diluted pee pee all day.  Disgusting.

Me being the ornery person I am decided this would make great fodder for the Big Question.  Was curious if you'd be in the water at all this season.

Have you been swimming in a swimming pool this summer?

Yes 4

No 19

I think some of you were too red-eyed and ashamed to admit you got into the water sports.  Man, when I make a double entendre, I go all out.


Rule #6 changes every week and it is sometimes inspired by something that has happened to me over the previous week and other times it's a thought straight out of left field.

I was reading a book on capitalism recently and came across an assertion that I felt would make a great rule one day.  Not that our country is the capitalist juggernaut it once was.  In capitalism businesses are supposed to make a profit, reinvest in the businesses, thus creating more jobs, make more money, make more jobs.  Unfortunately corporations don't act as friends of capitalism.  Corporate whitey would rather slash costs, eliminate jobs and outsource them to India.  This weeks rule #6 goes straight to that philosophy.

Rule #6 In our capitalist society, egoism is altruism as the more money the affluent make the more money they can spread around.

Call is Voodoo Economics, call it Trickle Down Economics but the real name is Capitalism and we stopped being a capitalist society sometime in the late 80's.  We're a corporate society now and the quicker we admit it, the quicker we can put a stop to it.

Hope you can find time to attend the next Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon!