If you have been in Amarillo awhile, there was an event everyone looked forward to every Summer.  That event was Discover.  The event was a big fireworks display and party behind the Discovery Center.  The event eventually outgrew the area and it became a thing of the past.  However, that's changing this Summer as the Discovery Center celebrates their 40th Anniversary.


The Discovery Center is bringing back Discover, although, it's not the Discover you remember it's Discover 4.0.  It's a new celebration that is keeping the spirit of the original alive.

The event will be August 6th from 4-10pm at the Discovery Center.

Enjoy awesome science demonstrations, food and drinks, and the evening will end with a laser light show.

Right now the Discovery Center is looking for area food trucks, non-profits, civic organizations, school clubs, and business to join them for Discover 4.0.  Be a part of this awesome anniversary and historic event.  If you would like a vendor booth at the event you can find the following information about signing up below.