The Big Game is in Dallas this year.  Jerry Jones wants to set a Super Bowl attendance record.  Even if he has to cheat.

The NFL has approved Jones' plan to count people watching the game outside the stadium as official attendees to the game.

Those folks watching outside will be part of a temporary "Party Plaza" paying at this point $200 per head to get in.  The resale market will obviously see them fetching higher prices.  This buys you the opportunity to be crammed into a small area with around 11,000 other suckers buying overpriced beer, watching the game on large screens and hearing the outcome of the last play via the crowd in the stadium seconds before it is seen on the aforementioned large screens.  Had this happen to me once watching a Rangers game about a mile from the stadium in Arlington.

I say 11,000 because that's how many folks need to buy in to break the Super Bowl attendance record of just under 104k.  They expect 93k inside.  Jerry is only expecting to sell 2-4k of these tickets.  I wonder where the other 6,000 will be seated?  Irving?

Think I'll keep my $200 and enjoy my big 'ol flat screen and cheap beer at home!