Yesterday an AISD employee found someone had written "watch out first lunch" on a restroom wall at Palo Duro High School.

A student published a photo of the graffiti to social media and did not report it.  The student is now a juvenile suspect in the case and has been placed in detention at the Youth Center of the High Plains for making a false alarm or report, a state jail felony.

Due to the suspects age, their identity is being withheld.

A previous picture being shared on social media Monday, one investigators don't believe was actually in a school, caused an investigation.  The authorities believe Tuesday's incident was inspired by the photo being shared Monday.  Similar graffiti has been reported in several other schools.

Officers and school administrators are interviewing students and still investigating the incident at Palo Duro High while the APD is investigating the copy cat incidents at other schools.

Other than an increased police presence at the school yesterday the school conducted it's normal schedule without incident and there was never any credible threat to students.