The City of Amarillo Speaks Out About The Potholes
Rain is usually welcomed with open arms, but there is one thing that keeps getting worse the more rain we get.  That thing is the potholes!  After months of residents complaining, the City of Amarillo is finally speaking out about it.
I don't know how many times I have been driving dow…
5 Ways To Keep Mosquitos Away This Summer
This rain has been so amazing lately!  But with the rain comes the mosquitoes.  They are pesky little creatures.  But here are five simple ways that can help keep them away.
Heavy Rain Causes Massive Flooding in Amarillo [PICS/VIDEO]
Amarillo experienced some rain Tuesday morning, causing many of the streets around town to flood.
Streets all around the city saw several inches of water, causing some cars to hydroplane or even stall out in some cases.
With the rain also came some heavy wind, with gusts anywhere between 20 and 60 mil…
Amarillo Finally Sees Some Rain Last Night
It was a great night for the Amarillo area. We received about .49 inches of rain. That seems like nothing, but for an area like Amarillo, we will take what we can get.
This year has been devastated by a terrible drought and we are still 8...

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