WT’s White Buffalo Is Gone From The Hill
As long as I have lived in the panhandle, West Texas A&M's white buffalo, has stood guard, on a hill along side Kimbrough Memorial Stadium.Yesterday, it moved, It's due for some cleaning and painting, before it heads to it's new home.
Holiday Fun is Coming During Christmas in Canyon
Christmas is that fun time of year full of fun and amazing celebrations. We live in a great place where we get to celebrate Christmas with so many great activities. Here's another great event happening to celebrate the season. Canyon has a great weekend full of fun that you'll want to …
Start your Christmas Shopping Now at these Fun Events
Christmas seems to be a taboo word until at least Halloween passes, but let's face it, it's coming.  We know it is coming and we can't stop it.  However, we can be prepared and get a jump start on our Christmas shopping early.  Here are some amazing events coming up whe…

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