Fire danger has been at an extreme high this summer.

Miami is a small town of about 550 located a few miles northeast of Pampa. It's the only town in Roberts County, where a fire has been raging for the past few days.

The Miami-Roberts County Volunteer Fire Department has been keeping the public updated on the status of the fire on Facebook. They posted this video on July 12th:

As you can see, the fire is spread out over several miles of land. The volunteer fire department is continuing their fight against this uncontrolled blaze.

According to Flap-Air Helicopter Services, who posted the video above, part of fire was burning through T. Boone Pickens's ranch.

Here is another picture the volunteer fire department posted on Facebook:

In the picture, you can see an oil rig surrounded by smoke and charred grass.

The Texas Panhandle is particularly vulnerable to fires this summer because of the heat, wind, and lack of rain. And once a fire starts, they are even more difficult to control when the wind is blowing.

We hope the fire is able to be controlled before any serious damage is done. Our prayers are with the firefighters in Roberts County.