Sid Miller must carry a lot of business cards with him. He leaves a few behind when he feels he has been treated less than he thinks he deserves. Admits he does so quite often. Must be a hard man to please.


Amarillo Globe-News columnist Jon Mark Beilue wrote a piece titled ‘Sid Miller: He’s kind of a big deal’ published just days after Texas State Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller left a post-meal receipt that included his hand-written opinion of the food he was served at a local restaurant.  You have probably read or watched the KAMR report regarding Miller’s dinner at OHMS Café & Bar in Amarillo, after which he left a note sharing his thoughts on the meal.  “Awful”, “Terrible meal” and “Won’t be back”.

The man is entitled to his opinion.

The Commissioner later stated he paid the bill, left an appropriate tip for the server.  In the KAMR story, Miller said, “I didn't really expect to be charged for a steak that I couldn't eat.  But they did.  So, I paid it and I didn't say anything.  I left Victoria a nice tip, a 20% tip billed for my meal and drink was $50.  I left a $10 tip and left the note there for management."  Miller said he was served a steak that tasted like prime rib, which he says he hates.  Remember, he is the Texas State Agriculture Commissioner.

But look close.  There, did you see it?  Miller said he paid the bill and didn’t say anything.  Nope.  What he did was, scribed the note, probably sat forward in his chair, leaned across the table, told his bootlicks how he showed these hillbillies who’s boss, gave a confident wink then they all then rose, placed their Stetsons atop their heads and left the restaurant.  Somehow, I picture a white 1975 Cadillac Eldorado with a steer horn hood ornament and cowhide interior.

In an effort to try and please Miller, OHMS manager, Josh Fuller, said his staff offered him something else.  Miller declined.  Instead, chose to leave his business card in his plate of food, another tucked away in the guest checkbook and left.

Commissioner Miller says he leaves notes like this often.  He calls it constructive criticism.  However, he wants us to believe it shouldn’t be taken in a bad light.  "I appreciate it when if I have an employee who is not doing their job or they have a complaint and there's something wrong with my operation I really appreciate people letting me know so I can correct it. And I'm not adverse to constructive criticism, and that's what this was," said Miller.

Let’s see about that, Mr. Miller.

You may recall a few months ago, the story of Commissioner Miller being accused of using campaign and state funds to travel to Oklahoma to get, what many call the “Jesus Shot”.  The Dallas News did a great piece on it.  Miller is also reported to have used taxpayer money and campaign funds to travel to Jackson, MS in early 2015 where he competed in a rodeo for prize money.  More about Brian M. Rosenthal’s article in the Houston Chronicle.  In each instance, Commissioner Miller says his actions were “legitimate”.  One of my favorite reads concerning Miller’s moronic visit to OHMS here in Amarillo comes from Bud Kennedy of the Star-Telegram.  In it, Kennedy refers to Ag Commissioner Miller’s Amarillo experience as the latest example of his “Do You Know Who I Am?” syndrome.

Do you know who I am?  That should sound familiar to many here in Amarillo.

Just last month came the tweet made ‘someone’ using Miller’s Twitter account referred to then Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as a C – .  Again, check out the Dallas News offering.  While one of his staffers said Miller’s account had been hacked, Miller himself later blamed a staff member for posting the derogatory comment.  What action did he take?  “Sorry it happened,” he said.  “We dealt with it. It was a simple mistake, an oversight,” Miller added. “It should have never happened. I would never talk that way.”

I, myself, have had a negative experience with Miller’s office.  His spokesperson, Mark Loeffler, reached out to me in early August with a generic email noting Miller would be in town the next day and wanted to know if he could stop by or call in to share updates on ag news with the Department of Agriculture.  After way too many email back-and-forth volleys and coming to the realization Loeffler not only had no idea where we were located, he had the wrong station all together, I told Loeffler he had his signals crossed and bid him goodnight.  Shortly after 10pm that night, he sent me a final message asking if Miller could still stop by.  “Hopefully this doesn’t get cancelled for an honest mistake”.

No.  It was never scheduled.  I am not in the habit of being guilted into guest appearances or helping others CYA.

But I digress.  Remember, Commissioner Miller said he wants to be told when he or anyone in his office is doing something wrong?  How he considers it constructive criticism?

How did he handle Jon Mark Beilue’s article?  Here what he, or someone (unless it was hacked) posted on his Sid Miller’s Facebook page Saturday, 12/3/16:

Friends, the media is on the warpath. I guess this guy in Amarillo took issue with my holding a chef accountable for a bad steak and decided it was worthy of an article. I don't care that he mocked me - what chaps my hide is how he mocked YOU, the red-blooded, patriotic, hard working folks who simply refuse to buy into the lies of the media. His dismissal of a oil-field roughneck is appalling. He probably has low regard for farmers and ranchers too.

I think its high time to let this supposed journalist know what you think...

Jon Mark Beilue can be reached at or give him a call at 806-345-3318. You can even send him a tweet: @jonmarkbeilue 
I only ask you refrain from vulgarity or threats in your comments. Leave that to the liberal left.

Seems Miller accepts criticism the same way he offers it; by scribbling a note then hiding behind others and watches as they take up the fight he started.

You’re still imagining the white Cadillac Eldorado right now, aren’t you?