Election Day is over and done, now the next four years are underway. Citizens around the country are now filing state petitions asking to secede from the United States.

With everything being done online, signing these petitions is easier then ever. Being able to sign from your computer makes this activity seem-less. 20 state petitions including one from Texas are currently are being distribute across the internet. They have requested the Obama Administration grant a peaceful withdrawal from the United States.

Texas is leading with the largest amount of signatures on the petition with nearly 4,000 signatures. As of Monday Afternoon 24,000 people have signed and it only takes 25,000 to for the Obama Administration to consider the request. White House staff will then review the petition, ensure it's an appropriate policy, and then issue an official response.

To many people, Texas Seceding from the United States is the best option for the future.  This would mean there would be no help from the Federal Government when disaster strikes only relying on the Texas Government. Is this the right decision for Texas?