Many are giving thanks after a potentially deadly incident Saturday night.

Saturday night road conditions were challenging.  Some drivers did not properly adjust their driving for the conditions.  A pickup traveling on I-40 going too fast for the icy conditions lost control and struck a semi.  The impact caused the semi to leave the roadway around Coulter and I-40.

After leaving the Interstate the semi plowed through several trees and entered the Outback Steakhouse parking lot.  After striking at least 14 cars the semi struck the restaurant and caused extensive damage.

The restaurant was open at the time.  The impact destroyed an employee restroom.   Thankfully no one in the restaurant was injured.  The semi driver and a passenger were both treated for non-life threatening injuries.

It took over three hours to remove the semi on Saturday.  Cars pushed into the building began leaking gas and the Amarillo Fire Department was called in to take preventative fire measures.

No charges have been filed against the driver of the truck and a damage estimate or time frame for repairs have been released.