Last night the Amarillo City Council gathered with hopes of moving forward the process of filling Place 2.  Instead it faced another Facebook scandal.

Dr. Brian Eades, currently holding Place 2 on the City Council announced he would be submitting his resignation weeks ago.  The City Council has since moved forward on a plan to replace Eades which began with open solicitation of applications for the spot with the applicants soon whittled down to five finalists names publicly and two alternates that were determined during an Executive Session that was closed to the public and presumed confidential.

One of the finalists, Sandra McCartt is under fire for disparaging remarks she made on Facebook in the past regarding the M-PEV and anyone involved or supporting it.  Mayor Paul Harpole has called on McCartt to take her name out of the running over the remarks. McCartt has stated she will see the interview process to it's conclusion.

Last night another scandal surrounding finding Eades' replacement broke and again it involved Facebook.  During the closed door Executive Session preceding the open meeting, Mayor Harpole voiced his displeasure and disappointment that someone within the Executive session released the alternate's names on Facebook.  The Mayor then left the meeting and stated if anyone wanted to discuss the issue further it would have to be in public and not in Executive session, which now carried little chance of being held confidentially.

The night reached a final crescendo when Dr. Eades announced he was suspending the schedule of tender of his resignation and now plans to hold on to the seat until controversy surrounding the naming of his replacement is resolved.

It might be time to lean on the expertise officials at A.I.S.D. could potentially provide for this imbroglio that feels rather sophomoric.