A school in southern Sweden is under fire after telling a female student to “tone down” her homosexuality after she complained she was being bullied for her sexual orientation.

In a complaint filed by the girl with the Swedish Equality Ombudsman, it states that she was forced to drop out of high school because of being severely abused by her fellow students.

The only recourse the teachers at the high school in the town of Munkgard took in regards to her complaints of being mistreated was advising her to “tone down” her sexuality because it “confused and frightened” the other students.

According to the girl’s report, the majority of the abuse came around 2010 after a classmate beat her with a pair of pliers, which led to a minor fracture in her head.

“She threatened to shove pliers into my eyes and then she took hold of the pliers and delivered three hefty hits against my temples and the area close to my eyes,” the girl said in her report.

When she brought it to the attention of school officials, they expressed absolutely no concern for her well being and simply told her that it was her own fault.

“You’re the one to blame. It was your own fault. You provoked her,” they told her, adding that she should have “just hit back.”

Shortly thereafter, the girl made an online discovery that advised her that the school was obligated to report any neglect and abuse that occurred during school hours. However, when she brought it to the attention of the school, she was instructed that she would have to file a report on her own.

Although the ombudsman is now handing the case, the principal of the school will have an opportunity to give a statement before any further action can be taken.

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