Of all the words you might use to describe the nearest Gentleman's Club, 'altruistic' is pretty far down the list.  Unless you're the Jet Strip in Lennox, California.  For whatever reason and however they get the money, they give some of it back to the community.  And recently a big chunk to the little league team.

The $1,200 donation(presumably in $1 bills) was only part of several donations that will keep the league operating in Lennox for at least one more season.

Over the years, the Jet Strip has donated frequently to the Lennox Coordinating Council, which has redistributed the money to its pet causes, such as scholarships, the annual Lennox Family Festival and self-defense classes.

"They've always stayed in the background," said Maria Verduzco Smith, a retired Xerox employee who has served on the coordinating council for 34 years.

It was Smith who spoke up about the Jet Strip's contribution to the Little League.

If you are a patron of these establishments it's nice to know all the money isn't going to a 'college fund'.

For more see this source article.