The virus was contracted while the host was in another country.

Zika Virus has several parts of the world under health emergencies. It is transmitted by mosquitoes and can lead to severe, sometimes fatal side effects in newborns if the mother contracts the disease while pregnant.

Zika is one of the reasons many athletes were skeptical about traveling to Brazil for the Olympics this year. Because of its climate, Brazil is a breeding ground for the virus.

Unfortunately, the virus has made its way to the United States. Several cases have been diagnosed across Texas, including two in the Texas Panhandle.

The first case came from Gray County last month. Last week, officials weren't sure if the case was from Randall or Potter County, but it was confirmed to be from Randall County.

The Texas Department of State Health Services does not believe other residents of Randall County are at risk of contracting the disease, as this case was travel-related. However, they are urging people to practice safety when traveling abroad and to abstain from unprotected sex with someone who may have the disease. There are also several steps you can take to prevent mosquitoes from breeding around your home. Those can be found on the Texas Zika website.

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