You may see it as a safety issue.  You may see it as a revenue generator.  However you see it, you're going to see more.

Yesterday Amarillo City Commissioners voted to approve a contract to bring more red light cameras to the city.

There are cameras already in place around town ostensibly enforcing the law.  Amarillo now plans to add three more and move an existing camera to a new location.

A recent study was conducted that recommended the additional cameras based on traffic enforcement and traffic counts.  The cameras will be placed in areas that have proven to have a heightened number of accidents.

New camera locations:

Pierce Street at SE 3rd (removed)

Amarillo Boulevard at Tascosa Road

Amarillo Boulevard at Fillmore

Amarillo Boulevard at Pierce

South Taylor Street at SE 10th

If you run a red light in these intersections be sure and smile!  You're on camera!