It looks like there will be a leader in the fight against the governments intrusive Health Care Law.

The doctor and prominent conservative, who was at the vanguard of the anti-health care overhaul backlash, is set to take control next year of the Republican Policy Committee. At the helm of the GOP's Capitol Hill incubator for legislative ideas, the Georgia congressman is promising bold action -- and he'll probably be among the leading Republicans throwing up roadblocks and diversions as the administration tries to pave the way for full implementation of the health care law.

"The House will vote very early on to repeal the health care legislation," Price pledged.

Price is among a slew of GOP representatives poised to take on an expanded role when Republicans assume power next month in the House. He told his priorities will range from pushing for tax cuts to reforming entitlement programs to rolling back the "welfare" spending that gushed out of the stimulus law. But he described Republicans' much-hyped war plan against the health care law as potentially more than just a symbolic scrum.

Many people have talked hard, but it looks like Price will be standing up for the Republican values.