Amarillo police acting on a tip that three people were headed to Academy Sports & Outdoors to steal ammunition.

PACE officers received the tip that three people were headed to Amarillo from Pampa with the goal to commit theft from the Academy store.

PACE officers arrived at Academy and located the suspect vehicle.  The alleged thieves were still in the store.  At around 3:25pm the officers say a man quickly exiting the store, pushing a shopping cart loaded with merchandise towards the suspect vehicle.

Officers approached the vehicle and identified the suspects.  The man admitted he had stolen the ammunition from Academy.  Ricardo Hernandez Junior 32, of Pampa was taken into custody.  He was also in possession of marijuana and had two outstanding warrants out of Taylor County for a motion to revoke assault and child support.

Passengers in the vehicle we also taken into custody on various wants and warrants.

Hernandez was booked into Potter County.