The most useful radio program this side of the Mississippi was at it again on Saturday.

It's The Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon and it's your opportunity to make radio work for you.  It's want ads on the radio, called in by our listening audience.  We usually have a pretty good time doing it for you and hope you enjoy it as much as we like doing it.

We do it every Saturday from 9-Noon.  And it isn't just about buying and selling.  It's a full service show with weather, local news, and more.  Like the Big Question.


We ask all our callers a poll question before they give their items.  We try not to make the question too heavy or controversial.  We're looking for a stream of thought throughout the show and a lighthearted way to get to know you better.

It seemed like with each new day last week, another celebrity died.  Last count we were up to seven.  We decided to play our version of "dead celebrity bingo".  Think of it as a backwards "Dead Pool".

We picked three of the deaths and asked you which one affected you the most.

Which celebrity death was most notable to you, music icon David Bowie, Actor Alan Rickman from Harry Potter, Die Hard 2, and Robin Hood: Men in tights, or 70's star of "Grizzly Adams", Dan Haggerty?

Alan Rickman: 2

David Bowie: 6

Dan Haggerty: 12

Personally, I chose David Bowie.  Truly all three passing's came right out of left field.  Bowie and Rickman kept their conditions private while Haggerty had retreated from the public eye years ago.  I wasn't surprised our callers chose Haggerty.  It falls right in line with the target audience of the station and of those participating on Trade-A-Thon.


At the beginning of each hour we bring you the official rules of the program.  This way everybody knows how it works and there are no misunderstandings.  Along with the five regular rules of the program I always bring you a special Rule #6.

Rule #6 is sometimes inspired by something that happened to me over the previous week, sometimes taken from the news, and other times it is a rule I put in the bank for days when I needed a little inspiration.  I had to go to the well this week.

I have two nephews, seven and eight.  I'm always a little taken aback with the many blessings they have at their age when I, at their age had very little.  It's tough not to get jealous.  Sometimes though their perceived entitlement can get a little tiresome.

One area that is a head scratcher for me is since they were barely out of diapers they have been allowed to place their own orders when making food and they get to chose what they want.  I didn't verbally address a waiter until I turned 18 and was finally allowed to select what I wanted a couple months later.  I always got what was given to me with little choice in the matter.  And yes, all I need for a toy as a young child was a stick and hoop.

Oh, the wisdom of my parents.

My nephews, being young lads, are very problematic in this regard. I've seen them dig in their heels repeatedly asking for items not on the menu.  I've seen them argue for no other reason than attention in this regard.  I've seen them infuriate the most patient and experienced of servers.

About a month ago my mother was in town and brought my nephews with her.  She took us all out for lunch.  We went to a nationally recognized hamburger chain.  When our turn came up to order my nephews spent much time lamenting how they wanted stuff not on the menu. After much prodding and encouragement the eight year old finally decided he wanted a hot dog.  Even though we were at a burger place they had hot dogs on the menu.

About five minutes after getting our food, the eight year old starts complaining his hot dog tasted awful.  It inspired a rule of life for them and Rule #6 for Saturday's Trade-A-Thon.

Rule #6: Don't buy a hot dog from a hamburger stand.

Happy eating and we'll see you this Saturday for another Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon!