Planned Parenthood has been in the news a lot lately.  Making headlines this week?  55,000 free condoms with smartphone-ready QR codes for college students to identify the location the act requiring the condom took place.

QR codes are all over the place these days.  The ubiquitous boxes of black and white checkers are meant to be used as a tool for marketers.  Scan the code and your smartphone takes you to an assigned page pitching the product or providing more information.

Planned Parenthood has upped the QR code ante.  They've printed the codes on 55,000 condoms and given them away to college students.  The codes send users to a website where they can identify, rate and give the location of their "encounter".

Distributed in the Pacific Northwest the condoms have traveled all over the country and the world with six continents total being claimed as places the condoms were used.

That's too much information.  Even if it is National Condom Week.

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