The City of Amarillo has announced work on the troublesome rebuilt of 34th Street.

It began last June and was supposed to be completed by December.  Instead the project was hit with many obstacles as the contractor attempted to complete the work as quickly as possible.

All lanes on the street are now open and all that is left to complete the job is a little bit of cosmetic work.  The $2 million dollar project was made to smooth out the virtual off road ride that was the previous road surface.

Amongst other issues that contributed to the delayed completion of the project included 80 weather days where work had to be suspended.

After an uproar from businesses in the are negatively affected by the road work, the city has vowed to work with business owners in the proximity to future roadwork and will de a better job of keeping businesses informed to the overall plan, expected completion date and ways to keep their business viable during restrictive construction.